Single Page Checkout

B2C eCommerce Solution

Responsive websites aren't just great at improving the customer experience – they can help to reduce the running costs of a business too (especially if they have multiple sites to run). 

This was an issue that Sunshine Garden Centre wanted to address, so we quickly got to work, creating a 'multi skin solution' that included 7 web fronts, controlled from a single interface. Together with a bespoke warehousing module and CMS (Content Management System) access for clients, this streamlined operations, saving on time and ultimately, monetary cost to process orders.

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Single Page Checkout
Single Page Checkout
"Your website is the most important sales tool you have"
  • eCommerce Solution with Highest Level of Security (PCI DSSLevel 1 Compliant) – to reduce the risk of fraud and to protect customers'confidential information.
  • SEO friendly – to increase search engine visibility.
  • Multiple payment methods – to provide more options for customers and increase conversion rate.
  • SiteMap submitted to search engines – to speed up page ranking process.
  • Design of testimonials - to instil confidence with customers.
  • Clear call-to-actions and customer enquiry form – to encourage the customer to get in contact.
  • Responsive design with easy mobile checkout - the website works on all devices.
  • Homepage designed to showcase all product categories – to promote goods and increase sales.
Single Page Checkout
Single Page Checkout
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