A multi-skin B2B eCommerce solution for Laltex

B2B eCommerce Solution
Laltex is an international, multidivisional company sourcing, supplying and distributing a wide range of consumer goods to both to the retail and wholesale markets.

Laltex required an intelligent B2B solution that would allow them to manage multiple websites from a single interface, whilst also providing multi variant pricing to trade customers.
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"Advansys devised a solution for Laltex providing multiple front-end 'Skins' - one for each division, which run off one single CMS portal whilst offering vastly different user experiences on the front end."
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From clothing to stationary and electrical equipment, the Laltex' cross-divisional range is extensive and comprehensive. Over their 50 years of trading the business has built up an enviable list of loyal trade clients across multiple industries.

The challenge was sourcing a website solution to take them to the next level that would not only cater for each division's individual eCommerce needs, but would offer as seamless a migration as possible to Laltex' valued customers - especially for stuck in 'traditional' ordering methods of telephone or order form.

A Multi-Skin eCommerce Solution

Advansys devised a solution for Laltex providing multiple front-end 'Skins' - one for each division - as well as a 'Master Skin' for cross divisional sales. All the skins run off one single CMS portal for maximum efficiency for Laltex administrators, but offer vastly different user experiences on the front end, each still geared towards the same conversion goal: checkout with card or payment on account.

For RJM skin - a high street fashion feel, with minimalist, premium image oriented design to match. For Lloytron - a functional, efficiency-oriented skin aimed at getting time-poor users from start to finish as quickly as possible.

Managed from a Single Interface

Despite this dramatic difference in the front end propositions, all websites are managed from a single CMS interface. Furthermore all product data, stock data and customer data is integrated into Laltex Maginus system allowing the new website to seamlessly slot into the existing Laltex business operation.

During the complex and multi stage fulfilment process, real time updates were offered to customers via a webservice interface between Maginus and the website orders database.

High on the list of 'Must Have's' for several of the Laltex skins were multiple order-screen solutions with ability to switch between these at the flick of a button. The objective was to migrate and improve the existing website customers' experiences whilst also provide a hyperusable interface for customer previously ordering by telephone or order form.

Regular users can seamlessly flick into 'Quick View' to see a condensed order-form version of any category page. And for those users who know their SKU numbers a foolproof key-and-click form was provided with predictive text. A solution that offered an attractive and usable alternative to the telephone transaction without the manpower requirement.

Finally, a handy Quick Order zone was also added into the basket, so any last minute omissions could be added to the purchase without the user ever having to leave the basket - keeping them in the conversion funnel.

"The objective was to migrate and improve the existing website customers' experiences whilst also provide a hyperusable interface for customer previously ordering by telephone or order form. "
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Bespoke Pricing Rules

Catering for clients from small traders through to multinational companies Laltex has a complex and highly specific pricing structure. The Advansys solution was able to offer bespoke pricing rules to meet these requirements. Each individual customer is presented with personalised pricing as they navigate the site following a complex set of bespoke interaction rules between both generic price-bands and product/customer specific price-lists. Additionally, as many of Laltex customers are large businesses with several staff involved in the ordering process, Advansys built a comprehensive 'sub user' solution allowing each the master account holder for each client to assign multiple sub users to their account - authorised to purchase and checkout within certain agreed credit and transactional limits.

Information Driven Customer

Journey Information availability was key for Laltex. At all points in the journey information on stock levels / expected delivery dates / pack sizes etc was provided along with a neat 'Compare' module to help assess similar products. An integrated dynamic PDF spreadsheet allow users to print off a formatted document of key information from each product page, while integrated brand guides, user guides, energy rating certificates were included as suited each skin independently. Users were given the ability to make specific product enquiries, set themselves order reminders, request returns online and more... Marketing and up-sell facilities were offered with customer specific Suggested Products, as well as Associated Products shown throughout the journey.

Acquire New Business

For visits from customers new to the business, users could still browse the site fully to experience the range and read about key services, but prices were only on show to registered users - a fundamental B to B feature. An online application form, fully integrated with Laltex Maginus system, was built into each skin of the solution and completion of this form was the key conversion goal for these 'guest' visitors. With optimised user journeys built into the Laltex solution for each and every type of user, established and new, the carefully designed Advansys platform has offered Laltex a comprehensive solution to take them into the future offering both a better service for their existing customers, as well as a major platform for growth.

Working Together for Success

Advansys continue to work closely with Laltex to support the success of the business. As the company grows and adapts to changes, so can the Advansys EMS and website, meaning the website and platform is 100% future-proof. If you want to know how the Advansys eCommerce platform can help your business succeed online, contact our sales team today on 0845 838 2700 or email sales@advansys.com.