Chartered Surveyors Brochure Website

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Advansys designed and built a new brochure website for Mylako, who are a firm of chartered surveyors and valuers operating in the Home counties and the London area.

The principle goal of the website was showcasing their services in a user friendly manner.

This professionally designed modern looking website contains engaging content, high quality images that showcase their services and clear call to actions to encourage customer engagement.

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Chartered Surveyors Brochure Website
Chartered Surveyors Brochure Website
"Your website is the most important sales tool you have"

Some of the features we included in Mylako’s new website design include:

  • Modern responsive style - colour scheme in line with Mylako’s brand image.
  • Clear calls to action - increases chances of generating leads.
  • All Imaginary related to business activities, to enhance relevance.
  • A Contact Us form that makes it easy to get in contact
  • Sticky header with contact details - to make it easy to get in contact
  • SEO Friendly - to increase search engine visibility.
  • SSL Certificate - to ensure the website is secure.
Chartered Surveyors Brochure Website
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