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Advansys Ecommerce Solutions for Smartphones Users

Before the boom in UK residents utilising mobile phones for ecommerce, Advansys had already begun developing mcommerce platforms and mobile apps for some of their clients. They were one of the few companies that recognised early on that mobile phones would play a key role in the future of ecommerce. This enabled them to provide first mover advantages for the companies that were looking to significantly improve their performance.

Advansys provide a range of B2B ecommerce solutions and B2C solutions for various companies. In recent months there has been growing speculation over whether mcommerce can eventually take over ecommerce. Fact of the matter is mcommerce is certainly putting up a strong fight. A recent report revealed that nearly a quarter of UK smartphone owner's access retail websites via their mobile device. Furthermore 1 in 8 users complete transactions online. The conversion rate of mobile visitors is certainly a lot lower than traditional ecommerce methods but the market continues to grow.

Therefore it is necessary for ecommerce companies to expand and adapt their online presence in the mobile market. No doubt many companies will have done this already, but it's not enough to simply make a mobile website and mobile application. They need to be optimised in order to increase sales and boost business performance.

Implementing Essential Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions specialists like Advansys have extensive experience and knowledge in mcommerce. All of their bespoke services are created to improve your business processes and performance. You can view a demo of their mcommerce apps to see roughly what they can create for you, but remember Advansys don't believe in cookie cutter ecommerce solutions. They have a range of services but will only implement those which will specifically benefit your business.

Smartphones are now an integral part of the sales cycle, so it's important your mobile site/app is highly functional and professionally designed.

Find out more about first class ecommerce solutions and Advansys reviews from their website. You can also call a member of their expert team to talk more in-depth about your business and the ecommerce solutions you require.

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