Google Adwords Tips And Tricks

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Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) can be extremely effective if used properly. However, in the wrong hands, PPC services it can be a waste of time and money. These tips and tricks will point you in the right direction.

In terms of your Campaign settings you should use descriptive names for your campaigns and Ad groups as Accounts can grow quite quickly and this makes management a lot easier. Additionally, you should never mix search and content campaigns and don't use separate content bids in a combined campaign as well. With Ad text, you need to be pushy and forceful with your calls to action, for e.g. Buy Now, Download Now etc. Likewise shorter text can sometimes be better as it's easier and quicker to read for the User. When it comes to tracking you need to make sure you are tracking everything to ensure you are increasing your ROI. Use unique tracking URLs for all of your PPC ads and don't track by keywords. Furthermore, Google's PPC conversion tracking code is simple to add but be aware that it can be at times inaccurate.

PPC Junkies, part of the Advansys Group, are fully committed to getting your business the results you deserve, no matter what ad platform you choose. Using our in depth knowledge of Google AdWords and the inner workings of Quality Score PPC Junkies can ensure that you get the best results by increasing Click Through Rates, lowering Cost Per Acquisition and increasing Return on Investment. For further information on how PPC Junkies can optimise your Adwords campaign please don't hesitate to contact us.

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