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Posted on 30 Jun 2016
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When people pay for off-site parking at airports across the country, they are expecting their cars to be safe whilst they are away on holiday. However, it turns out that more than 1,000 cars near Gatwick Airport have been left unattended in a muddy field by five different car park companies. Drivers are being charged £50 a week for the service, which is now being investigated by the police.

You might be wondering what that has to do with website design, well, our professional team were the ones to design the website for Park Mark, the UK's leading car park authority. If you're looking for a safe and secure parking spot, then you need to make sure you're using a Park Mark certified company.

More Than 1,000 Cars Left In A Muddy Field Outside Gatwick Airport

Sussex Police forces have issued a warning to holidaymakers returning from holiday after more than a thousand different vehicles were found unattended in a boggy field. 5 different companies are now being investigated for their role in the fraud, all of which claim to offer 'secure, reliable and affordable parking' for anyone looking to leave their car near the airport.

When representatives from the police and the local council visited the field, they found that hundreds of keys to all the vehicles were left in the boot of a single car. This car was left open and unlocked, and many others were covered in mud following the heavy rain of the past few weeks. It has been reported that, in some circumstances, keys were actually left in envelopes on the windscreens of the cars they belonged to. That means they were left in full view of any passersby, meaning that they were completely vulnerable to theft.

With no security, nothing preventing access and no CCTV present, there was absolutely nothing stopping someone from entering the site and stealing any car they chose.

Some Customers Have No Idea Where Their Cars Are

Philip Denee, from Laverstock in Hampshire, was one of the victims of this fraudulent behaviour. He paid for meet-and-greet parking at Gatwick Airport before heading to Turkey on holiday. However, when he and his family came back, they decided to go to the car park where he had originally dropped the vehicle off, only to discover that there were other families in the same situation.

Despite making several attempts to track down his beloved Audi, he and his family were forced to get a taxi home. It is likely that his car is one of the 1,000 left on the field, and tracking it down is not going to be an easy job.

Choose A Park Mark Car Park For Completely Reliable Vehicle Parking

Park Mark is part of the Safer Parking Scheme, which is the UK's national standard for UK car parks. These parking spaces have measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles as well as keep crime as low as possible. A Park Mark is awarded to every car park which passes these stringent security protocols. Easily noticeable signage clearly helps drivers to find reliable car parks where they can leave their vehicles in a completely safe environment.

Every year, tens of thousands of vehicles are housed at Park First's Park Mark near Gatwick Airport. This car park includes a complete range of security features to offer comprehensive protection. This includes the latest in detailed CCTV systems with number plate recognition. What truly makes Gatwick's Park Mark certified parking areas the perfect choice is the exceptional levels of customer service that they provide, with every member of staff going above and beyond to keep the vehicles in their care protected.

Keep Your Car Safe With Park Mark

If you choose a safe and secure Park Mark car park, you can protect your vehicle from any potential threats which those areas without the Park Mark can often suffer. Having a safe area to leave your car, especially when you're going on holiday, can make all the difference to your peace of mind and comfort.

Park Mark's Website Can Help You To Find The Perfect Car Park

Even if you aren't flying from Gatwick Airport, there are Park Mark car parks all over the country, and it has never been easier to find them thanks to their easy-to-use brochure website. Using the unique car park finder on the site, you can filter all Park Mark parking lots by the features of that particular site. For example, you can look for results which are:

  • Near Airport,
  • Near Town Centre,
  • Near Meet And Greet,
  • Offer Electric Car Charging Points,
  • Suitable For Truck Parking,
  • And Much More.

Thanks to Park Mark, you can leave your car in complete safety for as long as you need, and be absolutely certain that it will still be there when you getback – and definitely not sitting in a field somewhere! To find the nearest Park Mark to your airport, train station or town centre, use Park Mark's Car Park Finder today!

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