Improved Conversation Rates on a Ware Website

Posted on 15 Mar 2013
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Conversion rates boom on e-commerce website

The fashion brand A|Wear reported a lift in their conversation rates by up to 30%, when they integrated Amplience Video Marketing onto their ecommerce website. The software added to their existing TV channel, allowed customers viewing video content to add products to their baskets directly from the video.

In the fashion industry, visuals are everything. When women are shopping online, they like to be able to see how the garment moves and hangs not just the colour and shape. Engaging the viewer with video content has enabled A|Wear to create a unique shopping experience for their online customers. The Amplience platform has helped A|Wear to merchandise its products more successfully in an engaging and exciting way. Barabara Wills the online designer for UX lead at A|Wear, commented on how they has seen a big boost in conversions since we launched the Video Merchandisingg. The 360 video view of the garments allows customers to visualise themselves in the garment easier than they would if it was a 2D photo. The success of the A|Wear video merchandising has enabled them to achieve greater brand awareness and customer experience.

It is a constant battle for retailers to improve their conversion rates and attract new customers to their ecommerce websites. By producing unique and exciting content that engages with the consumers, you will be able to improve the purchase conversation rates of new and old clients. The Amplience Video Marketing software is transferrable across all business sectors. Whether you sell car parts, shoes or financial services, video content will enable your customers to make seamless purchases through this unique shopping experience. With this software, you have the potential to reach a whole new generation of customers and inspire them to buy.

The importance of great visuals on your ecommerce websites

It is not just good video content that can engage with your customers, but excellent quality product imagery. Your ecommerce website needs to be visually exciting to attract customers to your website. If customers cannot visualise the product in their home, they will be less inclined to purchase. Unlike a brick and mortar shop, ecommerce websites cannot rely on the physicality of a product to gain a sale. With high resolution product imagery, you will greatly improve your representation of your products, and make your customers feel more confident when they purchase. When customers are confident that they will receive the exact product listed, your conversion rate will improve.

Whilst low resolution images are a turn off for any consumer, miss represented items can also confuse and bewilder. As an online retailer, it is your duty to provide your customers with a complete shopping experience. You should make sure that you not only depict your products truthfully, but match them to your websites overall aesthetic and image. Make sure you maintain your brands identity throughout, and photograph your images in a uniformed and identical manner. For help with your website design and ecommerce website, turn to advansys for a professional ecommerce solution. We specialise is building ecommerce websites that are proven to improve your business conversion rates. To find out more or enquire about ecommerce solutions call on 0845 838 2700.

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