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Advansys are proud to announce the recent completion of our most recent eBay store design for Millions of Toys.

Who Are Millions Of Toys?

Millions of Toys come to us to redesign their current eBay store with the aim to incorporate the design of their current ecommerce design, whilst not directly copying, but improving on the design, to increase their brand identity exposure and essentially increase customer confidence and trust.

How Did We Create A Unique eBay Storefront Design?

Our eBay store designers solved this challenging prospect by taking the successful elements of the current ecommerce store design, such as the colour scheme, logo design and effective use of character toys, and designed a new eBay store design that excelled the clients expectations.

With effective use of flash animation, banner designs and eBay store structure the final solution was highly successful. With the design of a eBay listings page design along side the store, the full product listing advertised by millions of toys promoted every category available, leading to an improvement in product sales.

The overall eBay solution was highly successful and something our eBay shop designers are very proud of.

Take a look at the Millions of Toys eBay store, and make sure to look at our other eBay shop designs.

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