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If you have your own in-house team of graphic designers who can design an online storefront, but don't know how to implement that eBay store design into the marketplace itself, Advansys can help you out.

Your Own, Unique, eBay Store Design

You can actually design your very eBay store in Photoshop, provide advansys with the artwork, and our eBay store designers will check your artwork to ensure it is web safe. This artwork will then be transformed into a fully working eBay store design and listings page design.This is exactly what we did with our most recent eBay shop design project, for Tikamoon, an online supplier of funky furniture.

Who Are Tikamoon?

Tikamoon, a French based company come to advansys for an eBay store design, however since they have their own in-house design team, they fully designed their very own eBay store design, exactly the way they wanted it.

With input from our own eBay store design experts, we suggested ideas and improved on the design, which was then implemented into a full working eBay shop design and listing page design.

So if you want us to implement your very own eBay store design, or simply want us to design an eBay shop to your requirements, contact the eBay shop designers at advansys. Check out the impressive eBay store designs already completed for some great ideas and inspiration.

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