7 Top Tips On Implementing Quality eCommerce Website Design

Posted on 13 Oct 2016
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The beauty with the internet is that it's always changing, moving and developing – trends fluctuate all of the time and the challenge that it provides eCommerce business, though difficult at times, is an enjoyable one and well-worth undertaking in order to increase brand awareness and sales.

Keeping up with web designs trends is vitally important if you do your business online - first impressions and especially, user experiences, matter the most. If a visitor finds it difficult to navigate your website or experiences any trouble – then they'll be extremely unlikely to be converted into a customer. There's an aesthetic reason too – if you're not seen at least matching the design trends of other, similar websites, then your brand won't be seen in a favourable manner.

At Advansys, we are an eCommerce website design company who can help you to run the most cost-effective and well-designed website and marketing campaign as possible. Our custom-built websites and eCommerce marketing techniques have helped many businesses to gain a foothold in the extremely competitive online market and they have seen their conversions rise as a result.

This year's eCommerce website design trends

Let's have a look at some of the trends we've seen, relating to the design of websites this year;

  • Using Large, bold imagery. With the focus of web design now on trying to make the loading speeds of webpages run more quickly, many websites are making full use of large and bold imagery to catch the eye of anyone who browses. The use of images is perhaps the quickest way to grab the attention of someone and communicate with them in a 100th of second. Their usage can connect with your visitors, whilst at the same time simplifying the design of the site, without too much reliance on text. Aside from the high-quality images, original illustrations can also add something to a website, offering more of a 'brand' look – something which many eCommerce traders want to be seen as.

    It's important to remember though, that there is a difference between bold imagery and using stock photos that you can get from any online retailer, like many other sites do. Always use original and bespoke imagery. Covering your website with these generic pictures that won't say as much about your company and your products as you'd like them to, will undoubtedly harm your chances of a sale. You've also got to think about the fact that they're stock photos – so there's a chance that they'll be recognised and your brand dismissed as 'lazy'.
  • Long scrolling. Despite there being some debate over whether short scrolling or long scrolling is the best way in which to read online content, long scrolls are seemingly more popular and this trend has shown no signs of giving up any time soon. Translating itself well across all devices, long scrolls give a website a somewhat 'minimalist look' and works extremely well if you are interested in engaging your visitors with information about what your brand does and why they should buy into it.
  • An annoying aspect for many website visitors who are interested in reading information, is the constant clicking on hyperlinks to navigate to the next page – implementing a long scroll will simply break everything down into sections and save visitors from having to go through a large number of pages. Dividing them into sections will also present a great opportunity to make the information as effective as possible – trimming away any needless content that has the potential to make the reader click away etc. These sections offer a more clear and concise way of scrolling through a webpage.
  • Using an explainer. Implementing an interactive tool to explain something about your brand or products, has become popular over the last few years. Something like a video can be uploaded and if done in a concise, light-hearted way, can engage with the viewer as they learn more about what a company does. Statistics show that pages with interactive videos are more likely to lead to a conversion – if someone clicks on a video, then they're obviously already interested in your brand - dependant on the quality of the video, they are likely to make a purchase. Explainers are simply a great way to leave an instant – but memorable – impact on the viewer.
  • Using vibrant colours. Due to their compatibility with other devices (especially mobiles) a flat design (a minimalist design code) is arguably as trendy than ever before. As flat designs continue to be used, there has been a trend that sees it pairing up with vibrant colour schemes that help to complement its design. By using the simplistic design and mixing it with vibrant colour schemes, clear text and bold calls-to-action – flat design will let the products and services stand out, with no distractions present to take the attention away. Overall, this eCommerce website design trend will help to ensure that your visitors will follow a specific road towards making a purchase – as they continue to enjoy their user experience.
  • Using irregular grids. Used by some of the most-popular sites on the internet, grids are perfect to show off small pieces of information, such as images, videos and small pieces of text. The grids being irregular will show different types of media without cropping them into a symmetrical grid - this will make use of all of the available space on screen, without compromising any elements that you're using in your grids.
  • Animations. Making a website more entertaining and enhancing its ability to communicate with the viewer, animations have had a major impact on the year's web design trends and are showing no signs in waning in popularity.
  • Keeping things simple - with a clear space. The key to anything in life it seems – is it keep things simple. With websites, a clear (or white) space makes sure that the design is kept simple – and by encouraging minimalist designs, the space will ensure that you don't fill the website with any distracting clutter. By using clear space, you can focus a viewer's concentration on the areas that matter – the areas in which you want to communicate with.

Choose Advansys for quality, bespoke web design!

Retaining a vast experience in the industry has seen us move and adapt with the ever-changing trends of eCommerce website design. Our services include the design and build of responsive, high-speed websites, as well as long-term eCommerce marketing tactics such as SEO and PPC. With a vast experience and many successful projects undertaken for business of all sizes, we can ensure you that we are able to help you to achieve the hits, load speeds and conversions that you require.

For more information on how we can help to improve your website to gain you a long-term customer base, please contact us on 0838 050 2700 or send us an e-mail at sales@advansys.com

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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