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For every small business that markets and sell their products and services to consumers, at least three other small businesses sell primarily to other businesses. By taking on B2B ecommerce solutions, small businesses acquire several important advantages, many of which give them a boost and allow them to compete with larger companies.

Business-to-business selling on the Internet, or B2B ecommerce, is one of the fastest growing divisions of the small-business marketplace. As businesses congregate to the Internet to find traders for essential products and services, B2B ecommerce is rapidly multiplying, both in terms of total profit and the number of small B2B enterprises operating in the digital space.

Since around about two out of three new jobs are created by small businesses, according to SBA estimates, the rising prominence of B2B ecommerce solutions in the small business sector has important implications for the U.S. economy.

In many circumstances, B2B ecommerce creates the impression of a much larger business footprint. Multichannel marketing strategies, social media campaigns and other tactics allow small businesses to appear like larger organisations. By building up market presence, B2B ecommerce makes it easier for small companies to reach global networks, mobile audiences and the extended online community. As a result, small businesses gain the ability to react more quickly to market trends and to edge a more acknowledged industry presence.

Advansys offering the perfect solutions in B2B for you

Advansys are specialists at creating B2B and B2C solutions for businesses any size. They provide professionally designed websites, with the choice to add extra integrating tools which can be beneficial to your company.

Our B2B ecommerce solutions can represent you on a global level, allowing you to make transactions in different countries which will obviously open you up to a wider audience, allowing an increase to your sales to happen.

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