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With loads of new and often condusing acronyms buzzing around the world of eCommerce and digital marketing, it is a growing problem for people to actually forget to explain what they are. Two very important examples are B2C and B2B ecommerce. But we're not about to fall into the trap that we just warned you about, so what do they actually mean?

What Is B2B And B2C eCommerce?

Firstly, B2C is shorthand for Business to Consumer. This means that a business makes its primary sales to customers or people whom are uninvolved in purchasing products or services on behalf of a company or organisation - B2C customers are typically purchasing for personal or limited use.

Inversely, B2B is simply short for Business to Business. The primary customer of these retailers or service providers tends to be other businesses. You may be wondering what the difference between a B2C and a B2B ecommerce solution, below are a few contrasts between them.

Comparisons and Contrasts Between B2C And B2B

  • B2B transactions involve the use of sourcing content management such as volume based pricing, warranty coverage and logistics options.
  • B2C has a fixed pricing structure set using Content management software (CMS)
  • B2B ecommerce requires updated catalogues of products from various suppliers which requires the use of highly effective business systems and analytic software.
  • B2C solutions require constant updating of new stock images, information and prices.
  • B2B is more back office connectivity, invoices, quotes with many different suppliers and partners.
  • B2C is smoother and can accept a larger variety of payment methods from consumers.

Above are just a few examples of the differences between B2C and B2B ecommerce solutions.

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