Busy Schedules Results In mCommerce Growth

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Given that most people would rather lose their wallets than their mobile phones it is hardly surprising that the Christmas period has seen a dramatic increase in the number of shoppers making purchases via mobile websites, known as mCommerce.

Why Is mCommerce Useful?

For many people their mobile phone never leaves their side, usually in easy to reach pockets and often occupying a space at the dinner table! A mobile phone provides advertisers and companies a way to reach people that are always on the move and cannot be reached by marketing at the beginning of movies or television adverts.

Is mCommerce Profitable?

Sales of tangible goods via mobile websites increased by nearly 300% over the Christmas period, much of this traffic was generated through mobile applications. This could be closely related to the growth in companies optimising their websites for mobile users and rise in retail outlets with mobile applications.

The growth in mobile websites and mobile applications coupled with an incline in the number of shoppers purchasing smart phones sets a trend that is predicted to continue.

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