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Should you, as a retailer looking to become an eTailer choose to have your site designed, built and supported by a team of eCommerce Specialists or should you buy an off-the-shelf package and do it yourself? Certainly an off-the-shelf package will be cheaper, but will it give you the returns that you expect of the almost limitless pool of potential customers the internet can provide?

Why Should You Choose A Team Of eCommerce Specialists Over Out-Of-The-Box Software?

A single software package can either be very limited but simple to use or give the user immense flexibility and be almost impossible for a casual user to acheive any results with at all. Using any simple software package will lead to your site being very generic, and in some cases make it easy to identify which software you used to produce it which as well as detracting from your company's professionalism can also make it vulnerable to hackers and data-theives.

Having your site designed by an Ecommerce Specialist will make sure that your site is both easy to use and flexible, because it is designed with your needs in mind and tailored to the kind of selling that you want to do. Given that the current trend for eTailers to target niche markets and support new product ideas is making for more specialised selling techniques, then only a solution designed just for your company is going to bring satisfactory results.

Ecommerce is an area where your storefront should be very personal to your company. It is as important to make your online shop as individual as your bricks and mortar establishment and carry the same company vibe to your customers. You should aim to make it inviting, easy, fun and exciting for your customers to shop with.

An Ecommerce Company should have a very strong web design department which can make your site exactly as you need it to be and have the experience to advise you on marketing and effective strategies to improve your conversion rates via the website.

Digital Marketing And Online Advertising

A large part of eTailing is making sure the Online Community is aware of your presence. Unlike traditional advertising techniques (exposure exposure exposure) the internet is all about being the first in line when potential customers search for your products.

Search Engine Optimisation is a growing specialism in which Ecommerce companies are leading the way. No software package can keep up with the changes in the field or the growing number of techniques to ensure that your site is the first in line for new customers.

Why Should You Choose Advansys For eCommerce Design?

Whilst and eCommerce software package will be cheaper than an eCommerce solution as provided by an expert. However, in the long run, your returns will certainly be higher if you talk to an expert and have the job done properly. Just take a look at our case studies if you still aren't convinced!

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