Further Increase for Sales on Ecommerce

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Online Sales through Ecommerce on the Increase

The world of online retailing has grown dramatically again. The average revenue for online sales through ecommerce solutions, went up to a staggering average of £489.0 million a week during April this year. This is a massive increase of 18% compared to the same period last year. This figure also accounted for 8.5% of all retail sales for the month. There's no doubt that online sales will continue to rise into the summer months with the purchase of holidays and new summer wardrobes.

The Continued Rise of Ecommerce

This new set of statistics are another great addition to the world of ecommerce solutions .At the same time as online sales going up by 18%, the high street retail trade dropped 3% on the previous year's revenue. Judging by this contrast on percentages it's safe to say the high street isn't just taking a hit from the recession but also from the growing prominence of online retail through ecommerce.If it hasn't already been realised by the retail industry, having an online presence is absolutely essential to the future success. With faster delivery times on products, secure payment gateways </a href> and the ease of being able to shop without even leaving the house it's not hard to see why online shopping is on the rise.

Getting the Right Ecommerce Solution

Getting the right Ecommerce solution is critical for a company's success. At Advansys we offer a wide range of bespoke ecommerce solutions that can be tailored made to your exact needs. For more information call 0845 838 2700.

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