How Can Ecommerce Reviews Affect Your Online Business?

Posted on 13 Oct 2014
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There is no denying ecommerce reviews will affect your business, but opening up your business to the scrutiny of your customers may seem daunting. However, allowing for consumer engagement online can significantly help your business. Feedback, positive and negative, about customer service or your products will give you a quick indication if changes need to be made to ultimately make your business stronger.

Why Will Ecommerce Reviews Affect My Business?

Most consumers will use online reviews to help make a decision on whether to buy a product. As much as 89% of users consider online reviews of products and services to be trustworthy. Your own produced content is much less effective than ecommerce reviews to persuade a customer to buy. More than 80% of customers are also more likely to buy if they can find any recommendations online. When this many consumers rely on reviews, online engagement will clearly affect your business.

How Can Ecommerce Reviews Help?

No business is 100% perfect. It's good to get a view from outside the bubble of your products and customer service so you can gain a better understanding of your own business. Ecommerce Reviews can therefore be very helpful, and here's more ways they can help.

Better Conversion – Because the majority of online consumers look to reviews for guidance, the influence of these reviews have on other potential customers cannot be understated. Reviews from consumers are deemed to be more trustworthy so a positive review is much more likely to convince them to buy. A product with a substantial amount of reviews will also increase the conversion rate, and online shoppers are more likely to buy from websites with ecommerce reviews.

All Types Of Reviews Help – A product with a better balance of good, average, and bad reviews is a good thing. Of course you want glowing reviews from all your customers but without any bad or medium reviews a customer is more likely to become suspicious. Bad reviews can even help the conversion rate of a product. It's also good to know what works and what doesn't. If a product or your customer service is receiving mostly negative reviews, you will know something is wrong on your end. Using this to your advantage means reacting quickly and resolving a situation by engaging with your customer.

Reputation – Online reviews work like word of mouth, but on a much grander scale. Instead of hearing the perspective of one person, potential customers can read through a wide range of reviews to gain a much more informed opinion of your site and products. A website which contains both positive and negative reviews will also be deemed more trustworthy.

Use Ecommerce Reviews To Your Advantage With Advansys

Our easy to use ecommerce solutions at Advansys will improve the success of your business. Ecommerce is growing all the time and at Advansys we will make sure your business receives the best solutions to thrive online.

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