How Does Ecommerce Work

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eCommerce is a very simple thing to explain; any kind of online trading, be that selling products, services or accepting payment for bookings is eCommerce. The basic process of an online retail transaction begins at the customer-facing website, is processed through the CMS, and is then delivered to the customer via an appropriate delivery method.

Why Do You Need An eCommerce Website?

One of the most important components in eComemrce is the website that you choose to present your products and services through. This is your portal for business and what separates a true eTailer from a trader with online aspirations is having your very own site, instead of trading solely through Amazon or eBay.

What Is A CMS?

Behind your website is the CMS, the content management system. The basic system that Advansys can build for your eCommerce Solution allows you to alter all the details of your products, add new products and manage your orders within the system. In addition our framework allows you to create and number of subpages to your site perfect for creating information guides and other site content.

Depending on your business the delivery of your product to client can be either handled via post, for products, or via a direct contact by phone or in person for services and even delivered via the web in the case of software.

Why Is eCommerce So Popular?

Of course the real power of Ecommerce is convenience and engagement. The convenience of being open for business 24 hours a day and each order being fully controlled. The engagement comes by making use of your website to educate your customers and allow them to give you feedback. Establishing a beneficial dialogue with your customers is easy when you add in newsletter functions and marketing enhancements.

Advansys are experts in creating solid and easy to use eCommerce solutions that can be extended with bespoke modules to create your ideal business management system. Just give us a call to discuss the best system for your business.

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