How to design a mobile ecommerce website

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The new data shows that m-commerce sales have increased by 11.6 per cent since the last year and now are at 23.2 per cent. This only shows the growing popularity of mobile commerce, and serves as a sign to ecommerce business owners that it's time to update their ecommerce web design.

Increasing Mobile Commerce Popularity Asks For New Ecommerce Solutions

Over the past two years mobile ecommerce has experienced fast growth. You will seldom find a person (even a school child) without some sort of a mobile device. Mobile devices, tablets along with other alternative ways of communicating and browsing the internet, are being developed and perfected to meet our needs. This means that more and more people are shopping online by using their mobile devices, leading to the current increase in online sales (23.3%).

Mobile optimised web designs can lead to improved conversion rates and higher average order values in various sectors including retail and travel. Do you still need convincing on the importance of well optimised e-commerce website design?

At Advansys we specialise in providing ecommerce websites that increase traffic and revenue. Using alternative methods such as smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices, eCommerce website owners can adapt and change towards the growing market. With Advansys you can implement an efficient and successful m-commerce solution that will help grow and develop your business.

Ecommerce Web Design Is More Important Than Ever For Mobile Commerce

Responsive e-commerce website design is even more important for mobile devices, than it is for a desktop computer. While both have to reflect your business and encourage users to make a purchase, mobile device users require the website to be fully functional on a much smaller screen. If you are able to provide a more responsive mobile site, you will create a positive user experience.

On smart phones and mobile devices, users expect pages to load much faster, within 3 seconds or less. For mobile design, you will need to design specifically for mobile devices which have different functionality and much smaller screens. With m-commerce users should still be able to access all the functions of the original site clearly and efficiently.

At Advansys we can help you to implement a successful mobile commerce solution for your website. Experienced in creating high conversion sites, we understand exactly what mobile commerce users expect. We will help you to analyse and understand your users and dispel any mobile misconceptions, which can lead to misleading design decisions.

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