Shipping Practices For eCommerce Websites

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Shipping can be one of the most difficult aspects of any online eCommerce website. From looking around and checking out the market one of the largest complaint from customers is over delivery time frames and delivery cost.

Even if shipping is free they complain about delivery times and when it's paid they complain about costs. Sometimes you just cant win, below are a few pointers to help make sure your customers are happy.

Keep Customers Informed

Obvious really when you think about it, confirmation emails after they have placed their order and a confirmation of dispatch are crucial to stop customers from ringing up and complaining. Another feature is order tracking that they can access through your ecommerce website.

Instant Shipping

Ship the product as soon as possible, preferably on the same day, the longer the customer waits the less likely they will ever use your ecommerce solution again.

Use A Courier

Although expensive they defiantly are their weight in gold. The last thing your customer wants to to wait around for a package that arrives broken or late. Once again its all about keeping the customer happy so they will visit your ecommerce solution over and over again.

Be Honest

Show your customers as many prices and time slots and all combinations that they can pick on your ecommerce website. The more information you can give them about how much it will cost to deliver to a specific day and when the better.

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