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SSL certificates stand for secure socket layer protocol which was designed to provide means of a safe transaction between all the different web browsers and the web server.

What Do You Need SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates are very important security feature in ecommerce websites, especially during transactions of information such as bank and customer details. When a web browser communicates with a web server the information is sent in 'packets'.

As packets are sent in clear text it becomes very easy for an experienced hacker to start collecting details such as username/passwords, business information and credit card details, information which is regularly transferred within an ecommerce website.

The solution to this is using a SSL certificate which will allow the packets to be encrypted once they are sent to the servers. The encryption technique will use public/private keys that only the registered domain and web server will know off, one key will be used to encrypt the data and the other to decrypt the data.

SSL's use a specific port (443) which must be configured onto the server's firewall and on the website itself for it to work properly, on an ecommerce website you can check if SSL is currently set up by typing in

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