SSL Certificates For eCommerce Websites

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SSL is one of the cloud of mystifying acronyms that sit like a fog between those on the "techie" side of the fence and those of us who merely look worried and confused whenever these words are thrown about.

However, fear not as we shall turn on the foglights of understanding and cut through the confusion surrounding SSL and eCommerce solutions!

What Is SSL?

As an acronym SSL is bad enough but the full term is "Secure Sockets Layer" which really isn't much more helpful. The concept is fairly simple though. Secure data, such as your customers' cardholder data, needs to be transmitted across the internet from your payment gateway to the receiving body, either your bank or the payment intermediary. The Sockets Layer part of the name refers to the pathway specially nominated for your transmition of this data.

The SSL certificate then is your websites VIP pass to the Secure Socket Layer. There are a number of companies who issue these certificates for use by ecommerce companies and the choice of security levels and encryption support types is endless.

How Can I Ensure My eCommerce System's Security?

The simplest and most effective way to ensure the security of your data is to commission a company of ecommerce experts, such as Advansys, who are well experienced in tailoring the security setup of your website to the requirements of your Bank, your Payment Gateway and the requirements of your business itself.

For more advice on SSL certificates and eCommerce solutions in general, please talk to Advansys.

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