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Despite being a fairly new industry eCommerce already has its fair share of working practice clichés, cowboy operators and potential clients already jaded by eCommerce solution hearsay.

This is a huge shame given that even now the industry is still only gaining momentum, but it is encouraging that, as eTailing continues to develop as an industry, the real movers and shakers of this development are working to make it harder to provide ineffective or unsecure websites. eCommerce specialists are providing an extremely valuable service to a wide range of customers, to help them make the most of the exciting opportunities afforded by the online marketplace.

How Can This Affect Legitimate eCommerce Companies?

Unlike in an established industry one cannot claim to be an expert and remain static. For an Ecommerce Company to be an expert at what they do they must also be an expert in what they will have to do in the future. Advansys are experts in what we do, what we will have to do and also in pushing directions that may determine what other companies will have to do in order to keep up with us.

We maintain this edge by listening to our clients' requirements. All clients are unique, no one ecommerce solution is exactly like another and so by making our solutions individually we are always pushing the envelope in all directions, be it in web design, SEO or in integrated ecommerce we aim to be the sharpest point of the cutting edge.

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