The Most Popular mCommerce Applications

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The use of smartphones used to be refined to high end business people and work emails, but with technology ever advancing and the cost of mobile phones decreasing they have reached a level at which the everyday person can afford to run and use a smartphone.

With the number of consumers owning smartphones increasing, the level of internet shoppers turning to mobile websites, mCommerce and mobile applications as a way to research and buy products is growing rapidly.

The Growth Of mCommerce!

Over the past year we have seen mobile applications launched from anything from high street retail brands to small local curry houses. Fuelled by the shopping habits of modern day consumers, m-commerce applications are no longer a “nice to have" but a necessity.

The most popular mcommerce applications are those that are easy to use, have an attractive design and offer the consumer information and products in a quick and streamlined manor. The design and usability of an application is paramount to a consumer.

Some of the most popular m-commerce applications to date include clothing retail chains whose mobile apps allow you to browse through their current collection of clothing, look at the looks they have put together, keep up with news and locate your local shop.

More recently some of these mobile fashion applications have started to allow consumers to purchase their products online via their mobile app rather than their mobile website allowing for a seamless order process more targeted to conversions.

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