The Strategies You Need To Know To Succeed In B2B eCommerce

Posted on 06 Feb 2015
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In B2B eCommerce and, to a slightly different extent, B2C retailing, creating strong relationships between the buyer and the seller is extremely important in ensuring that the transactions will continue. In business to business particularly, the buyer needs to be certain that the seller is trustworthy and will fulfil the order when required. Otherwise, depending on the order, the entire company could ground to a halt.

Of course, by making the most of professional B2B eCommerce solutions, such as those built by Advansys, you ensure a much quicker project with a guaranteed high standard, but when combined with the following strategies, you are ensuring that your business is gifted with the platform it deserves.

The 5 Strategies Of B2B eCommerce

  1. Research, Budget And Establish Clear Goals For Your Business – Ensuring that you know the direction you want to take your business in is the first step in defining your company's early existence. Simply by researching other, preferably similar websites, a company can think about how you want your site to be similar, how you want it to be unique and how you intend to base your business around their B2B eCommerce solutions.

    Research can also help you to define your budget for the e-commerce side of your business and ensure that you don't simply throw money away on website which will never be able to match your competitors'. Even research as simple as asking industry professionals basic questions can greatly improve the chances of your business being a success.
  2. Establish A Cross-Departmental Team – Even if your business is so small that it only consists of you, or large enough that you have several departments clustered into one building, ensuring that your B2B eCommerce solution fits in with the entire business, not just one aspect of it, can be important to the business' growth, and its eventual efficiency when the eCommerce solution goes live. It is better to ask questions now than suffer through a lack of information later.
  3. Remember That Interactions Come Before Transactions – If your business can provide the right products to the kinds of businesses you hope to sell to then you are entering the market with a firm platform which you can then expand upon. Research which products sell well to establish companies and talk to representatives of those companies. B2B eCommerce is more structured than business-to-consumer and simply making your products available, without approaching the companies you hope to sell to, are unlikely to translate into respectable sales figures.
  4. Meet Your Buyer's Needs And Expectations – If you make your buying process as easy as possible, then the B2B buyer is more likely to use your website over others which might possess a similar ethos or product list. Establishing a convenient, worthwhile process for the buyer is the most important thing you can do in business oriented. This increases the likelihood of first orders which are than more likely to translate into repeated orders.
  5. Evolve! – Whilst you may want to think that your B2B eCommerce solution is complete the second it goes live, managing an e-commerce platform is an ongoing experience. You will constantly need to adapt and evolve to meet your customer's expectations, needs and to keep up to date with the latest innovations and features your site boasts when it originally goes live. Ensuring that you can keep your customers happy is the most important aspect of a B2B eCommerce Solution, and it is the main way of ensuring continued traffic conversion rates.

Professional B2B eCommerce Solutions

Here at Advansys, our professional team of award-winning specialists are here to answer any questions you might have, and are prepared to start work on individual and intuitively-designed b2b eCommerce solutions. We provide a solid platform upon which your business can enjoy natural growth, and we pride ourselves on ensuring customer satisfaction across your website.

For more information, call us on 0845 838 2700 or email to let us begin building your business' intuitive and personalised business-centric website today.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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