Using CRM Data In eCommerce

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CRM systems, Customer Relationship Management, are fantastic tools for collecting real data on your customers. Marketing departments can use this data in short term strategies to seal deals or in longer term strategies to build up brand loyalty and customer engagement. But CRM data doesn't just have to be the sole preserve of the Marketeers.

Capturing Meaningful Data

Ecommerce solutions and dedicated websites are an ideal route to capture meaningful data about your customers and also to present your site differently based on the previous record of the customer that you have identified through your site.

One of the most obvious examples of this is realtime suggestions based on customer decisions. This is normally done in a per session manner, building up a record of products viewed and presenting a mix of products based on relevance to already viewed items and previous mixed purchases, however there is nothing to say that you cannot store this data against a customer record then present new items that may interest this particular customer based upon their history.

CRM data can also be used to mould the shopping experience to a customer's preferences, altering information presented, default settings and even styles of the site based on previous responses, to increase the possibility of getting that new sale out of an existing customer.

This data can also be fed back into the marketing and customer support systems to make the service completely tailored to the customer and make them feel like your company really takes notice and really cares about their custom – the key to Customer Loyalty.

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