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Following on from yesterday's blog, there are many reasons why you would need to utilise mcommerce for your B2B eCommerce solution, but what are the facts? What does the future hold for mCommerce? And should you invest in mCommerce? Only when you know the answers to these questions will you be able to decide if mCommerce is the right option for you.

Why Should You Utilise mCommerce In Your eCommerce Solution?

Consumer habits are a trend that can be seen from all types of businesses, whether you are supplying to a construction company or in the retail sector. For instance, 1/3 of UK consumers have made a purchase using a mobile website in the last 12 months. 36% of these consumers shopped whilst travelling.

This confirms what I mentioned yesterday about mcommerce being portable and 3G internet connections being widely available. Your website can be accessed anywhere the consumer is, without the trouble having to find a computer or a Wi-Fi location.

Doing It Right With Your B2B eCommerce

From looking at existing mcommerce sites, there are practices that we know to stay clear of. 39% of Smartphone users are frustrated with the overall length of process it takes and 30% are irritated by the amount of information needed at the payment stage. This is understandable if you are a builder at the top of a ladder needing supplies urgently on a building site.

They would want as less clicks as possible to order the supplies. A crucial fact is 57% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site.

If you are part of a business that likes your clients to get in touch and meet face to face you may take interest in the fact that 79% prefer mobile sites for product reviews. This leads to 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location. This will only work if your mcommerce is designed as well as your ecommerce solution.

Designing Your mCommerce Solution

Making sure your ecommerce website and mcommerce solution match each other goes without saying. The important feature for b2b or b2c mcommerce is thumb friendliness. As 65% consumers prefer mobile sites for purchasing, when they land on your mcommerce site, we can help make sure that they stay on the site and explore what you have to offer, effortlessly.

Also, having fewer clicks as possible to get the consumer to the place they want to be is key to ensuring there will be a higher conversion rate and an increase in your average order value. Of course, optimised sites that take 3 seconds or less to load, like a desktop site, is a feature that all consumers would expect. We know many ways this can be achieved to ensure the consumer does not get frustrated and becomes a bounce back.

What Is The Future For mCommerce?

  • Estimated 19million worth to the UK market by 2021
  • Smartphones to hit 1.7 billion users by 2013
  • Mcommerce estimated to be worth 205 billion to the global market by 2016
  • UK Government/Network Plans; Improve Download and network speeds, Speeding up and rolling out next gen 4g network, Improve network coverage, cut data roaming charges.
  • There will be one mobile device for every person on earth by 2015
  • Retail Experts – mobile shopping could deliver 4.5 billion boosts to Britain's economy by 2016 and a further 13 billion by 2021

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