What is cXML?

Posted on 01 Mar 2012
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cXML stands for eXtensible Markup Language and is a protocol with the main use of communicating documents between ecommerce solutions and suppliers as well as other procurement applications. Based upon XML standards, cXML provides a standard for business transactions online with each cXML adhering to document type definition (DTD) which explains the rules. They are incredibly important for online businesses as it means that large volumes of data can be transferred easily and on a regular basis.

Example of a cXML Punchout

In order to get a better understanding of what cXML is all about, below is an example of a PunchOutSetupRequest:

    <cxml timestamp="2005-06-14T12:57:09-07:00" payloadid="958075346970@www.domain.com "></cxml>  <header></header>  <from></from>  <credential domain="NetworkID"></credential>  <identity></identity>RW022200059044      <to></to>  <credential domain="DUNS"></credential>  <identity></identity>12345678      <sender></sender>  <credential domain="AribaNetworkUserId"></credential>  <identity></identity>sysadmin@ariba.com/Identity>  <sharedsecret></sharedsecret>abracadabra    <useragent></useragent>Ariba Buyer 7.6      <request></request>  <punchoutsetuprequest operation="create"></punchoutsetuprequest>  <buyercookie></buyercookie>2X3JVWW1QRWTL  <extrinsic name="CostCenter"></extrinsic>610  <extrinsic name="User"></extrinsic>jpicard  <browserformpost></browserformpost>  <url></url>http://bigbuyer.com:3377/punchout    <suppliersetup></suppliersetup>  <url></url>https://punchout.domains.com/PunchOutServlet    <shipto></shipto>  <address addressid="001"><name xml:lang="en"></name>Advansys Head Office  <postaladdress></postaladdress>  <deliverto></deliverto>Thomas Jenkinson  <street></street>13 High Street  <city></city>Cormwall  <state></state>UK  <postalcode></postalcode>CM1 2RJ  <country isocountrycode="UK"></country>United Kingdom</address>    <contact></contact>  <name></name>tjenkinson    <selecteditem></selecteditem>  <itemid></itemid>  <supplierpartid></supplierpartid>54543

Example of a PunchOutSetupResponse cXML Document

    <!DOCTYPE cXML SYSTEM "http://xml.cxml.org/schemas/cXML/1.2.014/cXML.dtd">  <cXML payloadID="958074700772@www.domains.com" timestamp="2005-06-14T12:59:09-07:00">  <response>  <status text="success" code="200"</status>  <punchoutsetupresponse>  <startpage>  <<url></url>>https://punchout.domains.com/Servlet/sessionid=7006<>  </startpage>  </PunchOutSetupResponse>  </Response>  </cXML>

Benefits of cXML integration

cXML integrations, when done properly, can be one of the easiest ways to share data, especially with B2B ecommerce solutions. By enabling your customers to access product data that they really need can be a major benefit for your business as this ease of use and tailored data requirements can be music to your client's ears. The cXML documents also make the whole process much slicker with products being sent back into their procurement system. With the purchase orders process functionality as well, cXML integration for B2B ecommerce solutions is the way forward.

At Advansys we are very experienced with cXML integrations as they are often used in our ecommerce solutions. Contact one of our ecommerce experts for more information.

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