4 Top Tips on Getting Your eCommerce Store Ready For Christmas

Posted on 09 Nov 2022
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Top Tips on How To Design Your eCommerce Store For Christmas

During the Christmas season, it isn’t just people who are looking to decorate their homes in festive lights and ornaments – eCommerce businesses can benefit from doing the same to their own (online) homes too! By evoking a sense of the Christmas spirit on their pages, internet retailers could potentially see increased sales as excited shoppers feel more connected to the brand when hunting for bargains.

Here at Advansys, we are experts when it comes to eCommerce store design. Having worked with a wide range of retailers and service providers over the years, we can say with some confidence that branding is everything when it comes to capturing the attention of shoppers. Being such an important season for sales, it is imperative that businesses can offer people an experience that they’ll be expecting – which includes decorating a website for Christmas!

Below are some top tips on how to design your eCommerce store for the Christmas season:

Top Tips on How To Design Your eCommerce Store For Christmas

Make a Christmas-inspired homepage

People go dressed to parties and events at Christmas for a reason – so it makes sense for businesses to festively dress-up their websites to match the season too. You won’t have to go all out by creating new pages from scratch, the addition of wintry-themed elements (Christmas colours, fonts, illustrations, etc) can vastly improve your site’s visuals.

Improve the mobile responsiveness of your website

It isn’t just decorative elements that people expect when rushing around websites during the season – they expect the sites they visit to load quickly and be navigable too. Today, the majority of Internet searches are done via a mobile phone, so any eCommerce website with serious designs on being a success will need to be mobile responsive. A fresh, modern design for your website will allow it to be displayed seamlessly on all devices – giving your audience the quick and easy shopping experience that they’ll value.

Capture attention with a high-converting festive call-to-action

If you don’t need to redesign your website, you can easily incorporate subtle festive references by changing your call-to-actions on your website to something that evokes the season. A great example of doing this is CTA buttons – designed to make the browser click, they can be adorned with all many of Christmas-themed decorations to make them more compelling. It might sound like a small thing, but often, it’s the small changes that make a big difference – jazzing CTA buttons is a powerful way to encourage customers to take action, allowing you to increase the likelihood of boosting your conversion rate and sales for your products.

Have a Christmas landing page

While there’s no need to rip up your entire website and start again, creating a page for a special event can help to capture people’s attention. A Christmas landing page will allow you to organise all your seasonal products in one place – customers won’t have to go searching or clicking all over your site to find what they need. We advise you to create a page like this a month or two before December as not only do people start their Christmas shopping early, it will provide more time for the page to be ranked highly in a Google search.

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