7 Ways To Get A Better Ecommerce Review

Posted on 08 Jul 2014
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Customer reviews are very important as they can help promote your products. Encouraging your customers to leave behind an ecommerce review has a number of benefits for SEO, traffic and more. But how can you get more on your site?

How To Get A Better Ecommerce Review?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that your ecommerce reviews are clear and easy to find. If they are about specific products then put these reviews in a section on that product page. Customers will use an ecommerce review to find out what others thought of products or services. If they cannt make up their mind whether to buy or not from the product descriptions so it is important they can find the review easily.

It is also important that you are signed up on review sites. This is as customers will be leaving reviews here and if you have a profile then they will leave reviews which potential customers might see and decide to visit your website.

If you are not receiving good ecommerce reviews you can always ask. Itts possible that customers who really liked your product might have forgotten to leave a review. You can send them an email asking them such as, What did you think of this?? and say that they can leave an ecommerce review for other customers on your website and supply them with the link.

You can add credibility to your reviews by including the reviewerrs information, but make sure you ask the reviewer first. This can gain you a better review as customers will read these reviews, buy the product and then be encouraged to leave a review themselves.

It is important not to discard negative reviews. These can encourage good reviews as a customer might disagree with what others have written and write their own. This will also help potential customers buy from you as they will see the negative reviews with the good reviews and trust that these reviews are genuine.

If you want to increase the numbers of good reviews you get make sure you respond to the customers who have already written a good ecommerce review. A simple We are pleased to hear you like the product, thank you for your feedbackk can go a long way. This will help the customer feel that their review was valued and encourage them to write another.

It is important that you donnt just respond to the good reviews; respond to the negative reviews as well. You can apologise for the problems the customer had and say you have taken their feedback on board and will try and rectify the matter. This will make the negative reviewer appreciate your customer service and tempt them to buy from you again and if all goes well this time they will be encouraged to write a positive ecommerce review.

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