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More and more ecommerce websites become “social businesses" spreading their brand over many different social sites. The advantages of doing so are increased brand awareness and loyalty however this can come at a price. Many companies through different social outlets loose control of their brand and/or reputation of their business.

Don't let this happen to your business, consider an eCommerce website redesign from Advansys.

Keep Control Of Your Brand With These Five Tips!

Below are five tips to stop you losing control of your brand online:

  1. Set online ecommerce design guidelines for all of your employees. Make sure to show what is and what isn't acceptable on their personal social sites as it relates to your brand.
  2. Increase business creditability so that other businesses and customers can see that you're worth doing business with. Customer and client testimonials are a great way of showing this.
  3. Website development,keeping your website up to date and with the current online trends and styles.
  4. Post and share content from non-competitive ecommerce websites to show your market dominance within your industry. Make sure to gather permission from them before you do.
  5. Check for negative responses be they reviews or posts to your ecommerce website design. To deal with them simply acknowledge the problem posted, respond accordingly and then try and make right the situation as best as possible. This should ensure no permanent damage to the brand and will ensure the person who had the bad experience holds nothing against your brand.

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