How To Use Social Media To Broaden B2B

Posted on 18 Oct 2013
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Have you been using Facebook or other social platforms to only connect to your customers? It is time to rethink your marketing strategies, as social media is the perfect platform for getting into B2B ecommerce. Online marketers are now looking into different techniques to build their relationship, not only with consumer buyers, but businesses as well.

The whole business-to-business ecommerce approach is changing due to social media and the integral role it plays in everyday life. Change your focus and think big as you can now access business audiences and use social platforms to start a conversation.

B2B Ecommerce Opportunities With Social Networks

To make the most of social media networks, you need to specially assign people to edit the posts or comments, as well as managing and analysing them. This should be done to ensure that all of the thread posts and tweets are relevant and interesting to other business owners.

How can you build your influence? While there are many ways to use social media as a B2B ecommerce opportunity, it involves social skills. You should use your own content and comments, as well as your own insight, to build an audience and wait for the right time to make a business proposition.

Market Business-To-Business More Effectively

It is no longer enough to aim your marketing campaign at your direct audience. You need to aim bigger – this includes suppliers, agencies, procurement departments, their managers and others. Try and think like a consumer; what does your average shopper want to see on your ecommerce website?

As you build authority among your business-to-business customers, you educate them, which will help to aid your growth and well as theirs. There are many approaches to this, but the most popular one is aiming your content at your particular audience using your own unique research, news and commentaries.

Work with experts of B2B ecommerce at Advansys. We have worked with many different companies from a variety of industries and we have the know-how to make social media work for you. We also strongly recommend multichannel marketing to reach your potential clients.

Your Specialist Ecommerce B2B Solutions At Advansys

Advansys is the one-stop-shop for all of your ecommerce solutions. We are extremely experienced and up to date with the latest innovations of digital commerce and search engines. To cater to all of our clients we have developed ecommerce packages that are suitable for any form of business, from business to business (b2b) or business to customer (b2c). We also offer bespoke solutions that meet your exact requirements.

The retail market has been reshaped beyond recognition since first coming into being. To keep a competitive edge, an ecommerce company needs to stay ahead of the game with knowledge of the latest technologies and trends. For this reason we work with experts in search engine optimisation to ensure that your customers find you.

We are confident in our ecommerce knowledge as well as our ability to provide you with personalised, professional, and efficient web solutions. To get an expertly built B2B ecommerce solution contact our team 0845 838 2700 or email

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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