SEO benefits of responsive ecommerce web design

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Responsive ecommerce web design reduces the complexity of a site into a single code base, which improves customer experience on mobile and tablet devices.

Why change to responsive web design?

More people are now using mobile and tablet devises to browse the internet than ever before! This makes it important for your company to provide your customer with the best user-friendly website you can offer.

Responsive ecommerce web design eliminates the need to have separate websites for the desktop, tablet and mobile. Responsive web designs adapts to the devices your website is viewed on and to different screen sizes. This means that your website does not lose important information and presents it concisely so that the customer does not have to scroll through many pages to reach the page elements that they want, such as the shopping basket.

This makes the website accessible to the customer and easy to use, which means they will use your website rather than clicking off when they cannot find what they want. It also makes it easier for the customer to share links with their friends as the website will work fine on their mobile screen as well. Responsive ecommerce web design also reduces the time it takes for the page to load, this means that the customer will not get frustrated with the slow load rate and decide not view your website.

Eliminating the need for separate websites means that all links are directed to one domain and that there is just one URL. This is useful as there is no need to create a new website with new links but you can focus your energy on making your website perfect for customers. Having a single URL and shared code also makes your site easier to maintain.

Another advantage to swapping to responsive web design is that this is the web design Google favours. Google is more likely to put mobile websites that are responsive ecommerce web designs at the top of their mobile search results.

Responsive ecommerce web design offers a mobile website that is the same is its desktop website. This is beneficial to companies as mobile websites that are too different from the desktop websites tend to have a higher bounce rate. If the website has too high a bounce rate then Google will rank it lower down in their search results, as they assume this high bounce rate is because the website does not have the relevant information that was being searched for.

Do You Want Responsive Ecommerce Design For Your Business?

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