Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

Posted on 26 Aug 2014
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It may sound dull, but increasing traffic to your eCommerce website will drive sales and awareness of your company. It's as simple as that.

With over 15 years' experience, Advansys are experts in the eCommerce industry. By using our specialist skills, together with your collaboration, we can help you to increase traffic to your eCommerce website. Read on for tips and advice from Advansys and make your business more successful!

Tips On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website

User reviews and customer feedback ratings can have a huge positive effect on your incoming traffic. However, most sites aren't effectively using this helpful tool to generate its full potential. Each ecommerce review has a vast impact on the purchase decisions of your customers. But how do these reviews increase traffic to your website? Well, users essentially act as a free search engine optimizer, providing SEO unique and relevant content every time they mention your product and company in their review, which will lead other customers in search of a similar product to your page before your competitor's.

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, so push users to leave ecommerce reviews. These reviews also help keep your website updated and fresh, and Google loves fresh content! These reviews are also written by people who like to share, whether this be online or in the flesh to their friends and family, so the more your product or service is discussed, online or otherwise, the higher your chances are of a elevated ranking on search engines.

Next, just like ecommerce reviews have SEO content, so do blogs. And they too keep your website 'fresh' and make it easier for customers to find you. Advansys are experts at ecommerce solutions and you guessed it, we write blogs too! All the best companies will engage with their customers and look for ways to continually develop their online performance, so don't underestimate the positive effects ecommerce reviews and blogs will have on your traffic.

Other Ways You Can Increase Traffic To Your Website

Another way you can increase traffic to your website is to buy misspellings of your domain name - many companies will buy variations of their company's domain, like '.co.uk' and '.net' instead of '.com', but lots won't buy misspellings. Of course users have to be searching for your particular domain for this to work, but by staying ahead of the game you decrease your chances of losing your customers on the ever expanding World Wide Web.

Next, use social media to your advantage. As mentioned earlier, engaging with your customers promotes your product or service, so make sure you have an additional social media website linked up to your eCommerce website to enable users to communicate with your company. A word of warning however – remember to update this lots; A graveyard social media website doesn't look good. Vamp yours up by updating your statuses with engaging questions and content for your users to respond to.

These tips on how to increase your traffic are only the beginning to creating a more successful future for your company. All of our platforms at Advansys are high performing, and attract lots of organic traffic so phone us now on 0845 838 2700 to discuss the creation of your new ecommerce solution.

We’re always happy to help and can help you take your business in the right direction.

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