Top Tips on Getting Your eCommerce Store Ready For Halloween

Posted on 17 Oct 2022
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How To Prepare Your Online Store For Halloween

With Halloween on the way, is your online marketing ready to help you drive more sales and build your brand? With its many different themes, products and events, Halloween is actually one of the most lucrative times to drive customers to your eCommerce website – this is why, during the height of summer, marketers are busy thinking of ways that their clients can benefit from the scariest time of the year!

As such, we have created this blog around some of the best tips that can help you to inform a marketing strategy to stand you in good stead for the Halloween season.

How To Prepare Your Online Store For Halloween

Theme your website

Theme planning is important to the success of any marketing campaign – good marketing campaigns often go by the wayside when they lack planning and cohesion. Firstly, you should think about how you are going to get themed elements into your eCommerce website.

When you walk through a high street around October time, you’ll likely see many shops decorated with bats, cobwebs, skeletons, and much more adorning their storefronts. Everyone will decorate for the season – and your eCommerce store should do the same.

Halloween-themed visuals will catch the shopper’s eye, building excitement and often leading to sales. We would advise that you should not revamp your entire website or play about with the coding as it would make it difficult and very time-consuming to change back once Halloween is over.

Instead, you should think about customising various elements of your website, keeping it fresh and make taking your decorations down as easy as putting them up. Making use of Halloween-themed pop-ups is a great way to have effective ‘disposable decorations’ – not only will they present the browser with something relevant and themed, but they can capture valuable data for remarketing at a later date too.

Top Tips on Getting Your eCommerce Store Ready For Halloween

Speak to customers

One aspect of online marketing that has remained a constant since day one has been email marketing. Everyone has an email account – you need one to sign up for a social media website – so it stands to sense that while websites come and go, email accounts won’t. So, they’re prime to take advantage of.

A correctly implemented email campaign can drive traffic and act as a reminder to your customers that you’re still around for them. Email marketing must be strategically created – you will only have the browser’s attention for half a second, if that. Thankfully, Halloween offers plentiful creative ways in which you can do just that.

The best way to create an e-mail for marketing purposes is by using a clean and readable design that captures the eye of the reader and is instantly understandable. With your themed content, you need to scream about what you can do for your email subscribers – promotions, such as special discount codes or giveaways with purchases over a certain amount are great ways to capture attention.

The bottom line is that you should think outside of the box when creating your email marketing as other businesses will also be planning for Halloween – you need to stand out and capture people’s attention while you can.

Build excitement around your Halloween – and create loyalty

The beauty of offering giveaways and discount codes during seasons like Halloween is that it helps to build your brand for the long term. Running these kinds of marketing strategies will tell people that you value their custom so they will be more likely to return and grow an attachment to your brand.

A great way to grow your brand is by offering your giveaways and discounts on social media. People will follow and interact with your brand based on whatever promotion you have running – a competition that requires people to follow and repost your content is a time-honoured strategy that many businesses use. Once they follow, you have all the opportunity to retain them for the longer term. So, Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary time at all!

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