5 Ecommerce Trend Predictions For 2015

Posted on 05 May 2015
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The Ecommerce industry is an ever evolving world changing at a blistering pace. The volume of companies now moving on to the web is very large and this has been reflected by the introduction of masses of new apps, new technologies and almost daily digital changes that affect how you operate to meet the demand. Therefore experts are constantly trying to predict what the latest trends and developments will be to step ahead in the game. We at Advansys will attempt here to focus in on what the analysts are tipping for the next year and provide you with great Ecommerce solutions to maximise your online business to the full.

5 Ecommerce Trends Predicted For 2015

Here are what the experts and analysts have predicted will be the catalysts of the next boom in the Ecommerce industry. Here are some examples of Ecommerce solutions that we think can massively help you:

  • Year Of The Mobile – This year the mobile, or the smart phone is finally living up to its hype with regards to Ecommerce. For the last few years it has been predicted that mobile Ecommerce will really take off but this prediction has repeatedly fallen short. This year however Google have forecasted that 50% of retail enquiries in the UK will be from smart Phones. This figure is massive and with Ecommerce sales globally predicted to be reaching $120 billion, if your Ecommerce site isn't adapted to work just as well on smart phones or doesn't support smart phone format then you are missing out on huge amounts of business. Ecommerce solutions like responsive websites are vital due to the excellent compatibility with mobiles as they work seamlessly on different size screens and it takes away the need to spend time adapting your website for all different formats – it becomes one great one. At Advansys we can help you towards this and make your website the best it can be. Not adapting to this could have devastating effects for your business
  • Embrace Social Media – this is integral to Ecommerce nowadays due to the massive reach you can get for your company using such simple methods. Not using it can be a massive disadvantage. It allows the platform for others to share positive reviews about your company with their friends. If you embed share links near your product they can reach their friends on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 62% of people are more likely to buy a product and conversion rates increase when they see a review from other users and that figure can only be increased by someone they know. At Advansys we are experts in ecommerce and internet marketing so therefore we can optimize your site in the ways to help you maximize sales.
  • Optimise For Your Audience – The volume of data available now on prospective and current customer's means that Ecommerce can channel and actively target who they want. Market segmentation should continue to grow in 2015 as should more specific targeting of niche audiences. Targeted advertising with up-selling and product suggestions could become very common. You can make more profit as you know exactly where to spend your money in a marketing process rather than blanket costs where money is wasted.
  • SEO Reigns – Google won the war against the artificial manipulation of their results in 2014 and now SEO is set to boom even more than it already has done so. Organic visitors are far more likely to purchase something than any other type of visitor and those who invested in legitimate SEO will reap the huge rewards. In 2015 it is anticipated that the biggest opportunities will go to those with the most SEO knowledge and creativity not those with endless pockets. This is why Advansys is a great source for your business as our expertise in SEO, we are market leaders, will make your business the great success it deserves to be.
  • Wearable Technology – there has recently been a big increase in wearable technology from the Google Glass to the apple watch and these devices enable retailers to exploit a brand new abundance of digital marketing and the targeting of consumers. One suggestion could be geo targeted adverts using GPS as you'd be able to know exactly where someone is. Wearable Technology is certainly bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital world.

Ecommerce Solutions From Advansys

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