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Since the dawn of the world wide web, online fraud has made security measures on ecommerce websites imperative. Online shoppers worry about lost and stolen credit data, so provide your customers with peace of mind with proper PCI DSS Level 1 Compliancy – an integral part of the Advansys ecommerce strategy.

What happens when you do not have the proper security accreditation? Adobe, for example, had hackers break into their system to access the credit data of almost 3 million clients, as well as gain access to the source code of Adobe products.

Security Accreditations And Adobe's Encrypted Database

Even though the data that had been stolen from Adobe contained the customers' IDs, the passwords were encrypted and Adobe put great efforts in trying to minimise the damage. All passwords had to be reset and users had to be warned so they could change their other passwords. This uncovered the crucial importance of implementing security protocols, such as the Payment Cart Industry Data Security Standards.

However, the Adobe hackers did not only steal the customer data. They also gained access to the source code of Adobe's products such as Acrobat, Cold Fusion and others. Essentially, the hackers can now find further weaknesses to exploit them.

Why was Adobe targeted? It is an extremely popular program which is used extensively on many PCs. In addition, the code of Adobe reader is outdated and weak security-wise. The constant updates that are frequently released cannot hide the fact that it needs a serious renewal of its security protocols.

Why Do You Need PCI Accreditation?

Any ecommerce website that stores, processes or transmits cardholder data should become compliant with the PCI DSS. Even though this type of compliancy is not yet a law, a lot of banks require merchants to become compliant in order to sell online.

In Adobe's case, the hackers might strike again, especially if the company does not perform a complete revamp of their software. The stolen data may be used to gain unauthorised access to many accounts. It can even be sold to people who have the software to process the encrypted data. For now, the company has not issued any further statements, so users should make sure their passwords have been reset.

As you can see, security breaches are more costly than obtaining security protocols. Do you want to protect your ecommerce website from hackers and keep the credit data of your customers secure? You need the proper accreditation integrated into your ecommerce website.

Benefits Of Security-Accredited Ecommerce Solutions

Why should you consider the safe and secure ecommerce solutions from Advansys?

• Avoid fines of up to £10,000 if the security of your ecommerce website is compromised.
• With Advansys ecommerce solutions, your hosting will include quarterly scanning by an approved ASV. If there are any issues, they will be instantly rectified.
• Your hosting will provide the main security accreditation which meets 12 PCI requirements.
• The risk of fraud and security compromise will be reduced.
• PCI compliancy might result in better rates from banks.
• Your shoppers will be provided with peace of mind as the compliancy logo will be displayed to further encourage trust in your website.

Make your ecommerce website as safe as possible with Advansys, the experts in coding standards. You can be certain that any vulnerabilities will be quickly fixed to avoid any damage.

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