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Almost a third of UK shoppers used a mobile device to make a purchase in 2011. However, poor design could end up costing retailers money in 2012. Shopping through M-Commerce and Mobile Devices is on the rise. A third of UK consumers made a purchase on a mobile website in 2011 with a quarter using a dedicated app instead. This is according to the latest research by EPiServer. However, whilst a greater number of consumers used a mobile device to make a purchase in 2011, their experience of the websites and apps leaves a lot to be desired. More than 32% found mobile websites hard to navigate with 35% saying they would end the session if the website was hard to use. Around 15% said they had closed mobile websites if they were hard to navigate and 14% were satisfied with the mobile websites they had encountered.

Why is an M-Commerce Solution important?

Bad mobile experiences have serious repercussions for online retailers. Almost 35% said that they would go to a competitor if the mobile website was poor, 64% said they were willing to give a mobile site only three chances to work before giving up. Those of your with an ecommerce solution should not be too worried about these drop off rates. Just under half of those surveyed said they would visit a company's website from their desktop or laptop if they couldn't use it on their mobile device. Poorly design mobile sites are going to cost retailers a lot of money. Poor performance in areas such as ease of use, redirection to the mobile site from the desktop version and load speed are set to cost retailers 12% in annual revenues. The good news is that many of these basic errors can be easily remedied with little investment.

M-Commerce looking ahead

We're really excited about all of the possibilities that M-Commerce will bring, the ability for people to shop anywhere on the move is exciting. As is the ability for customers to compare products on the move – with them obviously choosing yours as your mobile site is the easiest to navigate. Put simply, an effective mobile website will allow customers to find what they are looking for and make the purchase. If your competitors don't operate an M-Commerce Solution then this will help you stand out from the crowd. Many people also choose to use their mobile device to browse the internet instead of their laptop or desktop, it is important to consider these people and supply a website suited to their needs.

It's an exciting time for online retailers. Make sure you don't get left behind, call Advansys on 0845 838 2700 to talk about the M-Commerce Solution we can build for you.

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