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When thinking of the tablet the most iconic and recognisable model that springs to mind is the iPad. Launched on April 3rd 2010, a few critics considered it a gimmick, simply an oversized iPhone that wouldn't catch on. Apple has been renowned for their vision and innovation. Under the late Steve Jobs, they have created and launched products which, put simply, have changed the world. 

The iPod and iTunes revolutionised the music industry, the iPhone changed the expectations of what a phone could do and the Macintosh, launched over 20 years ago, transformed the capabilities of a personal computer. At the keynote that accompanied the latest iPad launch CEO Tim Cook shared some incredible statistics. There have been 55 million cumulative iPad sales since launch of the iPad 1 on April 3, 2010. Apple have sold more iPad's than any PC manufacturer sold PC's in the same quarter, Q4 2011, (Acer 9.8M, Dell 11.9M, Lenovo 13M, HP 15.1M and iPad 15.4M). Apples IOs devices or mobile devices, offer a really exciting prospect for online retail and companies operating an Ecommerce Solution.

Tablet Ecommerce

An iPad is considered a Mobile Device, because as a tablet is something you can use anywhere. Thanks to 3g & 4g this even means outside of the confines of your home, workplace or borrowed internet connection. Apple independent research concerning iPad concluded that overwhelmingly the majority of people enjoyed using their iPad than any other mobile or PC type devices. This was because of the ease of use and the speed at which they were able to find the information they were looking for. Browsing the internet on an iPad is a completely different experience compared to a desktop or a notebook. You use your fingers and not a mouse to navigate and gestures control your interaction with a webpage. However, this experience comes to grinding halt on websites which have not been optimised for a mobile device. All too often, E-Commerce websites that have not been optimised for mobile devices are horrendous to navigate when using a tablet. The icons are too small and the links too fiddly to navigate. Ecommerce Solutions must be optimised for a mobile device, if the stats are to be believed there are more iPads being sold than PCs. Online retailers cannot afford to alienate this part of their market.

MCommerce Solution

Here at Advansys we are Ecommerce experts, we know what works and what doesn't online and would love to design you a bespoke Ecommerce Solution optimised for Mobile Devices. So give us a call on 0845 838 2700 to see how we can help you achieve your Ecommerce goals.

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