How To Match Website Experience To Smartphone Commerce

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Internet shopping on smart phones is skyrocketing at present. It is believed that by 2019 over 60% of online retail purchases will be made on mobiles Ecommerce is vital for business and companies need responsive Ecommerce action on smart phone platforms.

Why Your Website Needs Responsive Ecommerce On Smart Phones

For brands with larger websites and huge product selections the prospect of making site content responsive can be an extremely daunting task and lots of big brands have shied away from this concept but success stories such as Tommy Hilfiger and Currys show it is as an adaption that is well worth making.

The benefits are fantastic with responsive designs attributed to ecommerce mobile sites. Any changes you need to make to site require much less upkeep as any changes or improvements are made to one not several sites. This saves valuable time and resources which will benefit your company no end.

And as shoppers adopt to different devices with much more emphasis being put on smart phone commerce it will become incredibly difficult to ensure a clean shopping experience across all of them – responsive Ecommerce sites don't need to worry about that problem at all.

Adapting your website to smart phone commerce usage with responsive design also make sit far easier for consumers to share your content via email and social media as when your website is designed as responsive Ecommerce it maintains one URL. Therefore you can share and access content whenever. You are maximizing your reach and visits to your ecommerce website by doing something so simple. You also maximize your SEO for your site which is vital in the ecommerce market.

Smart Phone Usage

We typically use our smart phones in two ways on the move or resting. When resting the individual is not in motion but resting or relaxing at home they're usually browsing websites to research or compare products but aren't under any kind of purchasing deadline. While when on the move the individual is using there smart phone whilst walking, in the car or on public transport. Their intent to purchase products tends to be more focused and sharper. Therefore your website needs to match how people want to purchase in this constantly on the move world.

When we're on the move we need websites to:

  • Be Simple to navigate
  • Have concise with product descriptions
  • Have summary charts of product reviews
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