Increase in Mobile Traffic to Ecommerce Sites

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Increase in Mobile Traffic to Ecommerce Sites

Over the past nine months, the amount of traffic from mobile phones to ecommerce websites has doubled. A recent study by a marketing services company revealed that mobiles account for 20.8% of their clients' visits. This is an important development to pay close attention to, particularly for B2B ecommerce companies. Despite the fact B2C is more widely recognised, analysed and discussed; B2B actually accounts for more of the ecommerce industry.

Therefore it is equally as important for B2B companies to use recent industry updates to its advantage, as their market is highly competitive. With regard to the increased use of mobile devices, you can be sure that businesses will use their smartphones and tablets just as much as consumers, when it comes to comparison shopping and enquiring on company services.

B2B Solutions from a Highly Skilled, Knowledgeable Team

Implementing tailor made B2B ecommerce solutions from Advansys ensures, amongst other things, that your processes are more efficient and communication between businesses is clear and effective. Advansys work closely with their clients so that the service provided is unique to how they function, better enabling the B2B ecommerce company to maintain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the game. This includes implementing services such as mcommerce which, as mentioned previously, is on the rise.

The data collected from the recent study showed that 84.5% of all mobile visits were from an Apple device. Advansys keep themselves completely immersed in the ecommerce industry so they can provide expert B2B solutions, through their skilled team of developers. So if you were seeking mcommerce solutions as part of your overall service, with Apple devices heavily saturating the market they would insist on optimising your mobile application for Apple systems, as well as the other major players in the mobile commerce/application industry.

For more information on Advansys' B2B solutions and the additional services that can be included such as web design, CRO, SEO, systems integration and online payment systems, contact a member of the team today. They can listen to your case and recommend the best solutions.

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