Iphone Turns 10! How The Rise Of The Smartphone Has Changed Ecommerce & Web Design

Posted on 29 Jun 2017
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Many would argue that if one piece of technology has defined the current generation, it's the Smartphone. After technology moved from our desks into our pockets, our online habits changed. People are no longer glued todesktops and laptops as they browse the internet and as such, having a mobile responsive website is very important for ecommerce.

The iPhone

Before the iPhone entered the world many regarded things such as touch screen or reading your emails on your phone as somewhat of a gimmick. However, that all changed with the iPhone. Over one billion iPhones have been sold, that makes it one of the most successful products in history. That means that if you wanted to count every iPhone in the world, it would take you over 30 years to do so!

With the iPhone came the era of the Smartphone, a technological hub which many aspects of our lives are now connected to. People are checking in when they visit a local business, they're taking photos of their food. People are sharing so much with their friends over social media, the way people live their lives today has drastically changed.

How Has The Smartphone Affected Business?

The rise of the Smartphone has changed nearly everything. Now people can purchase groceries in the middle of the night whilst sitting on the sofa, they can book concert tickets whilst taking the train to work, they can bid on online auctions during their lunch break. The Smartphone has revolutionised how we interact with the internet.

As such, it is very important that your ecommerce website is mobile responsive. Responsive web design is vital to creating a successful ecommerce website. In today's society, people do almost everything on their Smartphones, they chat, they date, they play games and they shop. If you're not taking advantage of the opportunities available with a mobile responsive ecommerce website, your competition might.

If you would like a quick example of how impactful Smartphones have been, go to your local high street or city centre and look at how many QR codes you can see; look at how many people have their Smartphones out. For many, Smartphone technology has become a key part of our 21st century lifestyle; as a business you need to take this into account.

How Has The Rise Of The Smartphone Benefited Local Search?

Lots of people are literally walking around with a computer on their person, this means that they can access search engines. If somebody wants a cup of coffee from a nearby coffee shop and they're in a new area, they can quickly go online, use a search engine and search for local businesses. As such, if you're not taking advantage of mobile responsive web design and local search engine marketing, you could be missing out on customers.

The Benefits Of Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive web design is very important in today's 21st century society. With responsive web design you can create a website that changes depending on the user's device. Gone are the days when you have to run a desktop version of your website and a mobile version. With responsive web design, the customer can visit a single website that responds to their device.

At Advansys, our skilled team of developers and designers can provide a wonderful service for mobile responsive ecommerce websites. Additionally, for those interested in a professional online presence, but feel that ecommerce is not the correct path for their business, we can provide fantastic services for brochure websites.

Advansys Responsive Ecommerce

With almost 40% of traffic originating from a mobile device, can you afford to exclude such a large amount of consumers?

By utilising fluid grids, flexible media and media queries, we can create a professional mobile responsive website. Our responsive software requires only one set of URLs and HTML code, additionally responsive design runs from a single CMS. As such, not only can this simplify any maintenance costs, but it allows your customers to access your website on whatever device they choose. Providing you with a one 'site' fits all solution, and providing your customers with a fantastic user experience.

Advansys Brochure Websites

Whilst many businesses benefit greatly from an online retail presence, for some an ecommerce solution is unsuitable. However, for these companies for whom ecommerce is not an option; we recommend a bespoke brochure website.

With a brochure website, you can inform customers/clients about your products and/or services, explaining to them the many benefits and advantages of your business and also providing them with up to date industry information. For example, a local restaurant may wish to utilise a website to attract new customers, display their menu and showcase any special events.

Just like ecommerce solutions, brochure websites can benefit greatly from responsive web design. So give Advansys a call today and enquire about our fantastic mobile responsive web design services for both ecommerce and brochure websites.

Advansys Ecommerce Solutions – Give Our Team A Call Today

Mobile responsive design doesn't just mean mobile friendly. A responsive website from Advansys ecommerce solutions provides you with a professional online presence for your business that responds to the device that your customer/client is using such as a tablet, a laptop, a desktop or a Smartphone.

At Advansys, we specialise in creating wonderfully crafted mobile responsive ecommerce websites from scratch. If you're searching for a high quality online presence that users can access from any device they wish, you need a responsive web design service from Advansys.

If you would like any additional information regarding the numerous web design services and ecommerce solutions available from Advansys, you can check out our blogs, read through some of our amazing customer testimonials, browse through our case studies and portfolio, or you cancontact our dedicated team directly by calling 0845 838 2700.

However, if you would prefer to contact our team online, you can do so by:

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