Online Retailers Can Unwrap Their Christmas Gifts Early This Year, With Customers' Seasonal Spending

Posted on 02 Dec 2014
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The amount of money spent on Christmas increases every year. In Britain alone, more than £74 Billion is expected to be spent by customers and almost a quarter of the as a result on online retail. It remains staggering how few smaller business actually do have an effective online presence to take advantage of this massive market.

Professionally designed eCommerce solutions, created to meet the personality of a business' brand and to appeal to their target audience, can enable businesses, big or small, to join in this online retail revolution and enjoy a slice of the increasingly large marketplace.

Treat Your Business To A Gift It Won't Forget

If there's one thing any business wants, no matter the size, it's an increased customer base and a high conversion rate. Whether your business is already online or not, professional eCommerce solutions can work to improve your business' brand, customer engagement and loyalty, conversion rates and return visits.

If your business is missing out on an online presence of any sort; what are you waiting for? Online retailing is moving from strength to strength every year, and is taking an exponentially growing percentage of the market, not only for the holiday season, but for the entire year. An proper website can open up your business to new audiences, unaffected by geography or opening times, create a much greater sense of involvement on your customer's behalf, via integration with social media, and provide an easy-to-use platform to increase your profits and encourage your business' natural growth.

Around 90% of UK businesses do not have an online presence at all, besides a listing on Google Maps or a mention on a customer review site. The market is still continuing to grow and, as new technologies and better quality devices are developed, will continue to take a greater piece of bricks-and-mortar retail.

If your business has a poor online presence; designed from a template, not utilising the best SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, providing an unintuitive platform and refusing to make the most of social media in promoting customer interaction and brand identity, then you are turning away users who might have become loyal customers.

This year, Britons are expected to enjoy the highest share of online and mobile shopping in Europe. Experts predict that Boxing Day will boast around 15% more than the 129 million visits to retail sites that it enjoyed in 2013, bringing the total up to somewhere around 148 million.

What Can Ecommerce Solutions Do For Your Business?

Bespoke eCommerce solutions, as designed by our professional team, work to provide your business with a stable and user-friendly online presence, which can increase your revenue and the awareness of your business.

Without the advantages offered by our innovative and contemporary solutions for eCom, your business runs the risk of losing out on both an exponentially growing marketplace and the massive influx of retail that the Holiday season provides.

Maximise Customers' Seasonal Spending With Professional Ecommerce Solutions

Open your presents early this year, as your business enjoys the incredible influx of customers in the pre-Christmas rush, and the post-Christmas cool down, that results from an individual, user-friendly online platform.

For more information on how our experienced team of eCommerce solutions specialists can help your business to take advantage of the Holidays this year, and encourage your company's natural growth throughout the remainder of the year, please contact our helpful support staff on 0845 838 2700, visit our website, or email us at

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