PayPal Launch New Brand Identity

Posted on 07 May 2014
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PayPal, the world's most widely recognised online payment provider, has announced a new corporate identity with simplified logo. Creating a cohesive look across the brand, PayPal has said that their new identity 'will affirm the trust' their customers have in PayPal, their partners and merchants.

A New Start To A New Financial Year: PayPal Announces New Corporate Identity

Since its launch in 1999, PayPal has rapidly grown and developed into a global payment solution used by millions of customer's every day. Reinventing their corporate identity, they hope to 'reflect the rapid adoption of mobile and the new ways in which people can now use PayPal'.

Developed by fuseproject, PayPal's new corporate identity consists of 4 key elements:

  • Stronger wordmark – including the logo and typeface
  • New monogram – PayPal's double Ps
  • More vibrant colours
  • Dynamic angle graphic

Reinforcing PayPal's core principles of trust, innovation and simplicity, the design combines mobile and online imagery into one single and cohesive brand identity that will work on all devices and screens. Launched on April 30th, the new identity has been incorporated into their global advertising campaign which launched on May 2nd in the UK.

How Does PayPal's New Identity Affect Ecommerce Retailers?

The good news is that PayPal's new identity is a positive change for ecommerce retailers. Looking to appeal to users on mobiles, desktops, tablets, in-store and those looking to send money via just a mobile number, PayPal is continuing to develop its product range under their new monogram and brand identity.

Committed to offering the best customer products and experiences, PayPal's new corporate identity and logo is part of their first global marketing campaign. Building on their established reputation for fast, simple and safe payments, they have developed more than 58 new product experiences in the last year alone, and continue to focus on improving the customer experience.

For the ecommerce retailer there are new checkout buttons and logos to be put on site. Ensuring you have the most up to date logo will instil trust, improving conversions on your site. Thereafter, there are no other changes to be made. Giving you 'more of what you want, less of what you don't' PayPal has focused on using technology to make the experience simpler and more convenient.

If you already have an Advansys ecommerce solution, our developers can implement the new PayPal payment buttons and logos across your site. For more information on PayPal integration please call 0845 838 2700 or email


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