The Fast And Furious World Of Website Speed

Posted on 03 Mar 2015
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For those who remember the early days of the internet, modern website speed should be something of wonder. As technology has advanced, and internet speed has massively increased, users have become more and more used to quick-loading, engaging websites which offer rewarding experiences whilst costing a fraction of the time that they used to.

As mobile devices have become more efficient, a speedy loading time has become an ever more relevant aspect of a user's enjoyment of your website.

Fast And Furious: Why Website Speed Matters

Studies enacted in 2013 reported that the typical website visitor is now patient for a meagre two seconds and, at three seconds, more than half of all traffic is likely to abandon the page for one which will load quicker. This translates to, not only the loss of 50% of all traffic, but to a decreased likelihood of the user who did wait for the page to load to complete your desired conversion action.

Mobile users, in particular, now account for more than 50% of retail traffic and they demand fast-loading times as well as responsive design; mobile users are a much harder group to please as they demand a synergetic experience across all forms of interaction with your site, and are less likely to return if even one device reacts negatively to your website, either through the loading speed or the design.

One of the best ways for you to test your site's speed is to type your URL into Pingdom and take a note of the load time after multiple tests. Pingdom is an easy way to find out how fast your site speed is from various locations and can help you to identify which aspects of your site are slowing the overall website speed down.

If your average speed is below 1.5 seconds, the speed by which Google considers a website as 'slow-loading', then your website is in the very small minority of sites which are running at optimum speed, though it is likely that the quality of your site as a whole is diminished as a result of that speed.

Even a website speed which is under 2 seconds is fine, you are still engaging your users before their interest runs out, but any longer than that and you're website is losing traffic and decreasing the chance of conversions.

Landing Page & Website Speed

One of the major problems with website speed is the loading of the very first page; it could be the website's cache kicking in and though it will make the rest of the site quicker to search through, it can put users of during the initial loading period.

Finding a balance between a brilliantly designed website and one which loads in a matter of nanoseconds rather than seconds, is extremely difficult, and has caused more than one design/development team to split up over which aspect is more important.

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