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Selling on a marketplace

In a marketplace such as eBay it is difficult to stand out from the competition. The market is always price driven with competitors selling the same products which displayed next to each other in search listings with a small price variance. Customers are often not loyal to shops on eBay and will shop around for the lowest price. This sounds a different concept to grasp and goes against most business models as it is extremely price driven.

Why would you want to miss out on the opportunity to reach millions of consumers worldwide? EBay also gives both yourself and the customer piece of mind by acting as a mediator between the two.

Professional eBay Store Design

An eBay Store design can help increase your brand identity and awareness throughout eBay, it allows you to stand out from the competition and your website can even be replicated in design. This will increase your appeal to your customer base as you will look like a professional established business; in turn this will also help with retention as the customer will remember their fully branded shopping experience.

How an eBay store design works

The Fully designed eBay Store front will be fully integrated with eBay. This will remain there until you decide to revamp your store at a later date. You will be given an HTML generator which will allow you to put in product descriptions with ease, this will create a HTML code which you place within eBay product description to give you a fully designed product landing page.

Bespoke eBay Store Designs

Advansys are able to offer a bespoke eBay store design service. We are able to create functionality and style to meet your needs within EBay's Parameters and Regulations.

f you require further information on eBay store designs please visit our website or contact us on 08458382700

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