Can You Optimise An eBay Store For Search Engines?

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Here at advansys we are well known for our impressive eBay store designs, but we also consider the wider picture, optimizing eBay stores for search engines such as Google and Bing. Our dedicated eBay store designers have put together some great tips on optimizing your eBay store for search engines.

Tips To Optimising Your eBay Store Design!

Your eBay Store Name

The name you choose for your eBay store will determine the web address you are given, therefore you should choose a descriptive store name that explains what you sell. For example, if you sell toys and games, try a name such as 'Mark's Toys and Games', instead of something non descriptive such as 'Zebra Bay'.

Your eBay Store Description

Ensure to include a store description within your eBay store design. Within this description try to include keywords that people may use to find your store. Ensure your description accurately describes the products and services you offer.

Adding Custom Pages

eBay offer all its store owners the opportunity to add a number of custom pages. With these you can display special offers, showcase your products, describe your business and its history etc. This is a great opportunity to optimize your eBay shop design for Google.

Carefully Name Custom Categories

Within your eBay store design you can include up to 300 categories and sub categories. Be sure to use relevant names of each category to not only make it easy for the user to find products, but it's also good for search engines.

Carefully Name Your Listing Headers

For every listing, try to be descriptive in your listing headers. For example for a pair of men's shoes, instead of writing just 'mens shoes' try something more like 'Size 9, Black leather men's shoes'. Doing this will ensure your eBay products come up in user search, as well as on Google. Make use of eBay sub headings, and options to add store categories for maximum effect.

Add Meta Data To Your Pages (Search Engine Keywords)

eBay allow its users to add keywords to each store page to increase their likelihood of coming up in search engines. These entered keywords will be used as page titles and meta tags by eBay, so be sure to use them effectively.

So if you want your eBay store design optimised for search engines, or want a professional eBay store design that increases customer confidence and trust, or a professional eBay listings tool, then contact the eBay designers at advansys for more information on how we can help your online business.

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