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With an eBay store design from advansys, not only can the design look any way you wish, reflecting your website design or ecommerce solution, but you can also include eBay promotion boxes in the design to grab buyer interest, and increase sales.

Our eBay store design experts explain each of these great eBay promotional boxes in the points below:

Promo Box - Advertise Specific Items For Sale

Using this promo box you can feature one or more of your shop items that are newly listed or ending soon. These items can be selected by eBay automatically, or you can choose specific items manually. These can be displayed in different ways to spur on sales:

  • Gallery view - A single listing displaying an item title and picture.
  • List View - A list displaying text only links of two of your store items.
  • Countdown - Add an animated countdown to create excitement! These can be for auction and fixed price items.
  • Filmstrip - A filmstrip will display continually looping images of your store items.
  • Item showcase - An item showcase is a extra wide promotion box, which can display one to four items that will appear as large gallery images.

Promotional Boxes - Provide Links To Other Store Pages

If you have custom pages on your eBay store, you may want to direct visitors to these pages. With a promo box you can include any links you require, linking to custom pages, another eBay web page, or custom search results. You can even include click-able graphics or pictures that will give access to these pages. Images in these promo boxes will automatically re-size.

Design Your Own Promotional Boxes

Here at Advansys, we work with HTML every day and we have unbeatable experience when it comes to graphic design, you can come up with your own unique ideas to add to your eBay store design. Why not add P&P and payment information, email newsletter or display any other useful information relevant to your store? Whatever you require, advansys can help you.

With great features like these, offered to all eBay store owners, its easy to set up your own store, however brand awareness is trust is essential for eBay success, therefore you should consider investing in a professional eBay store design and listings page design from advansys. Take a look at the eBay store design portfolio from the eBay design experts at advansys.

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