eBay Store Design Dos And Donts

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eBay is probably the most popular online auction and shopping website to buy and sell goods and services worldwide. If you are an established, or growing company you should seriously consider having a professional ebay store design, to create the ultimate eBay experience for your customers.

Here at Advansys our website design experts have put together some do's and don'ts to ensure you're applying best practices to your eBay Store design.

eBay Store Design Do's

  • Make good use of colour by including complimentary colours. For further information on colour theory refer to the recent colour blogs.
  • Your background and font colours should have good contrasts to ensure your user can clearly see the information they require.
  • Keep consistency throughout your photographs, for example the same coloured background.
  • Place your items at the top of your page to ensure your visitors can see your items as soon as they arrive on the page.
  • Include a professional store logo design to get a great first impression, and gain customer confidence.
  • Write a good store description that describes clearly what you sell.

eBay Store Design Don'ts

  • Avoid using lots of different types of fonts and colours. Try to stick to a single font type throughout thewebsite design, with a maximum of three colours.
  • Don't use too much white space. It will make your items look unrelated and the page look badly designed. Make use of a good structure, and use white space appropriately for aesthetic reasons.
  • Avoid the use of unnecessary animations as it may cause the page to download slowly, loosing potential visitors.
  • Limit the use of fluorescent colours as over prolonged viewing it will cause discomfort to visitors. Use pastel colours as they are easier on the eye.

Choose A Professional eBay Store Design Service

    If you want an eBay store design that makes use of these and many other design tips, contact the team at Advansys. Advansys are ecommerce design specialists who follow website design trends and user expectations so are the best company to discuss your eBay store design requirements, as well as your online marketing strategy.

    We'll work closely with you to create a professional eBay store design, which will be applied to both your eBay Shop and Listings to produce a consistent look and feel throughout. When your company grows, the corporate identity design can then applied to a full ecommerce website design. Check out our ecommerce portfolio to see what we have already done for so many businesses.

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