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When you come to advansys for your very own e-Bay store design, its very likely that you already have your own great ideas for your eBay shop. But sometimes its difficult to share your ideas, and even harder to think of better ideas.

Here at Advansys, our eBay designers spend hours a week working on eBay store designs, yet still rely on obtaining inspiration to help generate the very best eBay shop designs. We have asked our team of eBay store designers to give some tips and advice for getting inspiration for your eBay shop design.

Look at your eBay competitors

The most obvious place to start your search is to take a look at your eBay competition. Some may have great ideas, other may lack any inspiration. If you like ideas, make take note of them, and make them better. Aim to be better than all of these eBay shops, and you will have great advantage over the competition.

Look At Your Competitor's Website Designs

You don't need to stay on eBay to obtain inspiration since your eBay store design can be fully bespoke, and look any way you want. Take a look at your competitors website design, or ecommerce solutions. What looks good, what do you like? Take a note, and our graphic designers will know what makes those web designs look good.

Look Everywhere Around You

At the end of the day, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. No matter what the website design, leaflet or brochure, if you like something make use of it in your eBay shop design.

So if you now want to turn your great ideas into reality, contact the eBay designers at advansys. Take a look at our eBay store design portfolio for some great ideas, and even some further inspiration.

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