Here at Advansys, we make sure that we stay on top of the latest trends and developments acros the internet. Recently, we've noticed that many eBay sellers are very keen to move on from selling via the auction site and make a push for independence.

For the most part these traders have only two reservations about making the move to becoming true eTailers.

  1. They require reassurance to make the move
  2. They do not wish to risk losing their loyal eBay customers

At Advansys we understand that moving from eBay trading to a true eCcommerce solution can be something of a jump, eBay makes trading as easy as possible by limiting choices, where as coming to an ecommerce expert can give you almost too many choices.

Switching From An eBay Store To A Dedicated Online Retail Solution!

The best ecommerce companies will go to great pains to make the process of developing a new ecommerce website as simple and transparent for the customer as possible so this fear should be largely insubstantial.

Losing loyal customers is a risk facing all businesses who make a major change and shifting away from eBay to your own professional ecommerce solution is no exception. However there are ways to move away from eBay without actually moving away from eBay.

Confused? I shall explain:

A high quality ecommerce solution, such as those we build at Advansys, has the option to be integrated into eBay's API, meaning that without creating extra work for you the eTailer, any or all products sold on your ecommerce website can also be listed on eBay.

This integration can be via a CSV export or completely automatic and you can even choose the type of listing you wish to create. Even eBay's messaging system can be integrated so you need never use any tool other than the CMS of your website to conduct your online selling.

In effect you can leave eBay without leaving eBay and losing those customers. Better yet you can use eBay's shop customisation to pull customers in to your website, making for direct sales and even greater customer loyalty.

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